Tots English

 3-12 years old        60mins (1-2 classes / week)          1:6

The aim of this course is to build children’s English skills and spark their interests by using different themes and topics. This is a comprehensive and fun course. 

Through different themes and levels, the course covers, phonics, reading, listening, and speaking. Also, according to their ability we will include grammar components as well to better them with their writing tasks.  The course aims to facilitate children’s learning by providing abundant stimulation that creates a sense of curiousness in the world . Children will be better learners if they are the ones who want to learn!

Children will be able to…

  • Independently read books and spell in 1 year
  • Spell and write with specific techniques
  • Build fluency and confidence when speaking

Programme Highlight

Pre-K (for K1 students)
   Alphabet | Baby grammar | Vocabulary builder | Activities using 5 senses | Interactive fun

TE 1-3 (for K1-K3 students)
   Theme based | Different text types | Sentence building | Spelling with phonics | Grammar booster

TE 4-10 (for P1-P6 students)
   Progressive levels of books | Reading technique | Writing technique | Passage writing | Follow primary school syllabus