Comprehension & Writing

 6-12 years old      60mins      1:6      Assessment required

Three steps to effective comprehension and writing:
  1. Foster an interest in reading and encourage independent thinking.
  2. Learn English grammar and expand vocabulary.
  3. Study different question and text types and acquire specific exam skills.
This course offers children an opportunity to….
  • Enhance reading and writing skills
    Children will learn to grasp the main points of an article and deconstruct more than 100 question types.
    Real-life topics enable children to express themselves step by step.
  • Improve and apply grammar knowledge
    Grammar sections clearly explain the elements of grammar and their application.
    Writing exercises allow children to apply reading and writing techniques.
  • Master exam strategies
    Intensive practice helps children handle tricky question types.
    A wide range of question types teaches children efficient question solving.