Read Write Inc.

 4.5-12 years old      60mins      1:6      Assessment required

RWI is designed to:

    • Familiarize children with the 44 pure sounds and teach them the skills of sound blending and segmenting, in order to build a solid foundation of English pronunciation
    • Teach children to speak English with confidence and accurate pronunciation
    • Foster students’ interests in learning English. The programme engages each individual student in reading storybooks, using the skills of sound blending and writing simple sentences with the words they read in the stories
    • Use partner work to give children more opportunities to practise speaking and listening, as well as interpersonal skills. It also allows them to interact with tutors and hold discussions amongst themselves
    • Help children master the stress and intonation patterns in English, and develop basic interpersonal and communication skills

Course Content

    • RWI by Oxford is suitable for children from K2 to P6 levels
    • The course is divided into 5 levels with a class size of no more than 6 students
    • Children are required to take a pre-assessment test to be grouped into classes based on English ability
    • Children will be awarded a certificate once they have completed a level

By end of the course, your child will be able to:

    • Learn 44 pure sounds through interactive activities
    • Learn the skills of sounds blending and segmenting
    • Write the corresponding letters and letter groups of the 44 pure sounds
    • Read and write simple sentences
    • Apply phonics knowledge to storybook reading
    • Develop comprehension skills through questions and discussions
    • Learn to write simple sentences and compose stories based on picture strips and discussion prompts